Diamond Jewelry Online in USA
There are so many fine jewelry stores and choosing one is sometimes impossible! Read and discover the best places to buy diamond jewelry online in USA! Today, everything you need can be purchased online and diamonds are not an exception. We cannot argue the fact that most physical stores have a qualified and professional team who can help you find exactly what you want and explain to you why you want to choose a specific
Brilliant Earth: A One-Stop
What are lab diamonds? How are lab diamonds created? Read and discover why Brilliant Earth is a go-to store for lab diamond jewelry! Lab created diamonds or also known as man made diamonds are grown in special laboratory conditions using a modern technology and processes that are similar to the conditions under which natural diamonds are developed and formed beneath the Earth’s crust. The lab created diamonds consist of carbon atoms which are arranged in
Learn About Diamonds
Educating yourself properly and learning about diamonds allows you to make the best choice when buying diamond jewelry! Here is a helpful guide on how to buy quality and beautiful diamond jewelry: Know your four Cs – The four Vs are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight and all diamonds are graded according to these 4 characteristics. Each of these characteristics contributes in a different way to a diamond’s brilliance and beauty and even though